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Competent service and future-proof technology

Since commissioning the first plant manufactured by us, customer service and service have been at the centre of our performance spectrum.
Your plants must run efficiently and have long-lasting functionality.
Our customer service team is by your side for any issues and repairs of your vessels, apparatus and plants.
Regular inspections of all major components ensure your plant's operation, prevent outages and guarantee an efficient, environmentally friendly and long-lasting operation.
Your plants are exclusively inspected by our qualified personnel. If required, we will spontaneously carry out minor repairs for you during an inspection.

Our services for you at a glance:


  • Assembly of single- or multi-part FRP and thermoplastic components on site
  • Expert inspections of FRP and thermoplastic vessels and apparatus
  • Retrofittings and modifications to FRP and thermoplastic components
  • Annually recurring inspection of leakage detectors
  • Consultation regarding the continued use of unknown or older vessels
  • Supply of replacement parts
  • Any type of repairs on FRP and thermoplastic vessels and apparatus
  • Exterior renovation of FRP vessels
  • Renewal of chemical protection layers in FRP vessels
  • Repair or replacement of faulty leakage detectors
  • Performance of necessary renovation works due to failure reports by plastics experts or other inspectors

You can always rely on CHRISTEN & LAUDON's expert customer service.